For your Heart

A project to lift your hearts through reading about the lives of everyday people living in London.

This section aims to inform and inspire.

02. My Dad – A Thanks 

Fatherhood looks like a fucking tough job. They have to be the protector, the earner, even in this day and age! I don’t think enough recognition goes out to the Dads that will do all this, but also bring you a hot water bottle and a cup of tea when you’re on your period.

Or the ones that hold your hand when your heart is broken, and listen to what you have to say and understand what you have to say. Which is a far more important quality instead of going out screaming he’ll smash the shit out of whoever hurts his baby girl. The Dads that don’t really fully understand the complexity of achieving HD brows but will tell you if you’ve gone a little over board. The ones that tell good Dad jokes that people actually laugh at. 

My Dad manages to do all of those things and so much more. The best advice is given by my parents and they are annoyingly right at least 95% of the time. He has an impeccable taste in life partners, from the woman he started a family with, to the friends he surrounds himself  with. My Mum is an equally incredible person, sharing all of the qualities my Dad has been blessed with. I have never and will never meet two people who are more suited to each other. He works incredibly hard, not only in his two paying jobs but also in his volunteer work, aka looking after me and Megs. 

Thanks for putting up with us,

Happy Fathers Day 

Josie x

01. Rebecca Stone – Overcoming Anorexia


I suffered from anorexia and subsequently depression, from about the age of thirteen. Recovery is undoubtedly the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But here I am, a couple of years on from when I first considered myself to be ‘recovered’ and I am happier than ever.

Last year I did a ski season in Italy where I met incredible life-long friends and laughed more than I thought possible and then I was lucky enough to travel with five of my best girlfriends and experience beautiful places in the world alongside people who mean the world to me; opportunities I would certainly not have been able to grasp had I not been healthy enough to do so in both my body and mind.

Whilst I now consider myself to be ‘recovered,’ I certainly still have days when it all feels too much and the weight of everything just feels a little too heavy. I think we can all relate to days like this. It is so important that when we feel like this, we remember to take care of our minds; to treat them with patience and love and care. I have discovered several things which usually tend to make me feel a little better when these days hit, these include: writing (anything and everything that comes to mind), running, watching an episode of my favorite TV programme, dancing naked to ‘Hey, Soul sister’ around my room, eating some chocolate, talking to a family member or friend and so on. I refer to this list when I am feeling low or too stressed or just a bit exhausted, and, for the most part, it works.

Good mental health is so important and I think we often tend to forget this in our busy schedules and packed social lives; I am not claiming a simple list of things will solve all your problems, nor cure depression, but I am saying I think it is useful for day to day stresses we all experience. So make a list for yourself, find things that make you smile and lift your spirits. And please, when you’re feeling like everything is too much, don’t keep working at your desk, or writing that essay, or doing that list of chores that seems to last forever. Get up, get out, and do something for you. Be childish, be selfish, be brave; because our minds need to be looked after too.

They are simply too precious to ignore.


If you relate to this article and are going through the same things Rebecca was, please get in touch with the following links for loads of ways to get support.