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03.  PopUps – Favotell

Last week I got to play dress up, drink wine and have a look at what fashion and art PR company Favotell have been up to at their pop-up event at White Space, Covent Garden.

I spoke to new member of the Favotell family, the lovely Mariana who told us a bit about what they do. Started by ex-Central Saint Martins student Kong Jialin, Favotell is a company that wants to support emerging fashion designers and artists through providing a creative platform for young talent to grow and connect with each other. Based in London and Shanghai, Jialin saw a lack of ways for Chinese designers to get their names out there, and wanted to combine the abundance of opportunity in London with the talent found in China. Alongside the parties like these, Favotell will have showrooms in each city, with three events a year to showcase the talent.

I fucking love the colour red and so of course was drawn straight to the band Awaylee and their all red collection. I even got to play dress up in this insane mid length jacket covered in bright red ruffles. Don’t look to me if it was missing at the end of the night.


One woman with a great energy and passion for her brand and the message behind it was Sylvia, co-founder and creative director of Wrad. She talked to us about Wrad and the message behind it.

The brand discovered that fashion was the ‘second most polluting industry in the world’ after oil and wanted to create ‘liveable fashion’ that had less of a negative impact on the environment. All the materials used are organic such as hemp and 100% organic cotton. The coolest use of materials however was the beeswax to wax the jackets and make them water proof and the recycled graphite to dye and print on the garments.  

Thanks Favotell for a great night!



02. Interview – Gabriella Lundgren


I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Gabriella Lundgren for a while last year. Every day she was in she would have a killer pair of shoes on or an outfit combination only a Swedish girl could put together. 

 In the following interview you can find out more about her life as a fashion blogger and what opportunities have arisen as a result of its popularity. 


Name: Gabriella Lundgren

Age:  33

Occupation: Freelance personal and fashion stylist, Fashion Blogger at, Head of Styling for and Brand Specialist for Acne Studios.
How long do you remember having an interest in fashion for?
All my life actually. I started experimenting with clothes from a very young age, I went through all the fazes from punk, grunge, skater you name it. I’m quite happy Instagram or phone cameras didn’t exist back then. My parents always let me dress how I wanted, I’m very grateful for that since it pushed me to be creative and taught me how to express myself through clothes.
What was your first ever fashion related job?
Sales assistant at COS in a fancy neighborhood in Paris.
When did the idea to run a fashion blog first come about?
I have always read blogs, since they started. I think in Sweden we were quite early with fashion blogs, so for me it was natural to start one when I started to work in fashion. I have a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication so I have always had an interest and love for combining photos and text.
When did you write your first blog post?
My first blog post was written in Paris when I lived there. I can’t remember exactly when that blog died out but I picked up again here in London.
What struggles have you come across whilst starting up and maintaining your blog?
Time and getting someone to take photos of me. I’m a perfectionist so unless I’m at least 80 % happy (it’s hard to be 100% happy) with the photos I don’t publish them. But time is the biggest struggle, I have so many ideas of posts or formulas I would like to do, but there is unfortunately not enough time right now.
Can you give us some highs and some lows of writing your own blog?
My highs are definitely when you get contacted from brands who want to invite you to their press day, collaborate or invite you to an event. I feel like I must do something right for them to want to work with me. Another up is when a reader comments on a post how much they liked it or how they got inspired. My aim is to inspire and so when I get that right it makes me happy. I honestly don’t have any lows, my blog is my choice so there is no must, I do it because I love it.
How’s your styling job? Can you explain to us how It came about?
I got contacted from Helena who is the founder of through Instagram. She liked my style and asked me if I wanted to style her upcoming shoot. Ever since then we have worked together and I now also have other styling jobs on the side. it all about building your portfolio and gaining experience.
Do you have any favourite SS17 pieces at the moment?
Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m slightly obsessed with the new Gucci slides called Peyton. I think about them at least a few times a day, they’re just perfect! Other than that all the stripes and denim pieces from J W Anderson and everything from The Row, I love what the Olsen twins do.

Do you prefer High Street or High End?

Both, can’t choose. I love mixing them.
Do you have any fave indpendent store?, Scandi fashion forever! hehe
Whats your favourite thing to do during time off?
Right now I don’t have so much time off, but I love being at home so I would say dinner at home with friends or just with my boyfriend, reading books, watching a good movie, having a bath or a nice walk in the sun. I’m not an over complicated person, I love the simple daily things.
If you were to give one piece of advice to young women wanting to become a stylist or start their own blog what would it be?
Just do it, don’t overthink and learn by doing, it doesn’t have to be perfect from the beginning. I think that’s how I go about things, and it has worked so far…



01. Denim and Converse


– Simple, old school, comfy –

Denim- Beyond Retro (Lee jeans)

Converse – Size (Chuck Taylor All Star ’70)


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