With this scruffy little corner pub being a ten min walk from Shoreditch we could not have been happier when a pint came to 3.80 (compared to some at 5.60). The staff are polite, charming and likeable and always up for a chat. The pub goers aren’t the youngest, but are as nice as the bar staff. Comfy seating under big windows means that its perfect for a cosy drink for two or a boozy night with a group of you. A pool table and darts board also can be found in opposite corners of the pub and even if you’re as shit at pool as we are it, makes for a hilarious evening and somewhere you can scrub up on your skills without feeling too intimidated! 



Initially seeming to be some iron steps leading down into a dingy shop basement, Freud is an un-assuming gem in central London. With open brick walls and low seating the cocktail bar makes for a perfect date venue. The bar staff are super friendly and really know their stuff when it comes to alcohol. It can sometimes take a little while to get a drink, but you can be safe in the knowledge that the only reason for this is because an imperfect drink will not pass the hands of the bar staff, and if when you taste it, it’s not quite perfect for you not a problem they’ll make you another.