About the blog

The idea for Lemonade was actually born out of a sheer desperation for some kind of positive news outlet. I’d got so fed up of all the shite that 2016 brought I just wanted something to cheer up myself and hopefully others along the way. The idea started off as a magazine but I quickly found that formatting that kind of publication is definitely not my strong point. Speaking to a girl at work gave me the inspiration to start a blog instead, I had all of the content and just needed to slot in into wordpress it would be easy, right? Very fucking wrong. I am the worst young person when it comes to technology, and wordpress is not as easy as it looks. Here we are though and I’ve got stories and pictures and style and news all in one place and it doesn’t look disastrous so I’m taking it as a win. 

The ‘Lives’ section of the blog will be updated about every 4-6 weeks, with stories from friends who have inspired me and who I feel can inspire others. This is a very important part of the blog to me as if even just one person is positively affected by  the stories they read that is something special. I think there is potential for people, myself included, to learn and grow as a result of this. 

The ‘News’ section is not your everyday headlines as important as they are. This section is full of news that has made me feel proud or positive or has been heartwarming in anyway. I think it is very easy to get bogged down with all the standard everyday news you see on the TV. As important as it is I feel that we need a reminder that not all of humanity are absolute raging wankers so this kind of news will do just that. 

The rest you can find out for yourself. 

About me 

I am 20 years old and live in South London, still at home with my family because London is bloody expensive and I’m in a constant state of poverty because I blow all my money in the boozer with my friends. I never went to University because although I always got good grades the idea of studying for another three years made me want to stab myself in the eye. So I did a years Level 4 course in Visual Merchandising at the Fashion Retail Academy (met Phillip Green who is actually a bigger twat than he seems in the news) which was a lot of fun and some of the best teaching I’ve ever had. I won a competition with three of my friends to travel to Dubai to compete in the Retail Challenge at the World Retail Congress which was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had to date. Visual Merchandising it seemed was not for me however as my pinning skills are absolute shite and I cannot for the life of me keep calm in a meter squared shop window. 

Now I keep moderately calmer in a shop in Shoreditch where I sell expensive clothes and get upset about not being able to buy them (any sugar daddies reading this dm me). Like most people my age I don’t know what I want to do with my life but selling clothes definitely is not it. Another reason for me to write this blog is the need to stimulate my brain as finger spacing clothes hangers isn’t the greatest form of mind occupation.

My new years resolution all those months ago was to actually do things this year and not to just promise myself  and others of all the great things I am going to do but actually go out and do them. Nothing comes to you if you sit there waiting for it to happen. I have been lazy this past year which is fine, we’re allowed a little laziness every now and again, but I need to get myself back in a productive mindset now and actually work to achieve the things I said I was going to achieve this year. It will be difficult, and I find self motivation a really hard aspect to keep constant, so I hope that putting myself out there will help me with this among with other personal ‘speed bumps’ I aim to overcome. 


Josie  x