When life throws you lemons..

Fucking hell did we get a lot of lemons chucked at us last year. With the continuing devastation of war torn countries, terror attacks, police brutality, Brexit and Donald Trump getting into power and then half of Hollywood dying it really seemed as though once we had dealt with one disaster, another was waiting just around the corner. With this non stop shite going on all the time I found it difficult to remain positive and hopeful for our society at all. The major political changes in the UK  and US made it especially clear that we as members of a modern society have such a long way to go in the road to equality and true acceptance of eachother.

But within this shitstorm there were times when I watched the better lot of humanity come together to fiercely fight and protect their own and their neighbors and that is something I decided to focus on through this site. Here you can find the good things in life. Inspiring stories from the lives of Londoners, little bit of fashion, places to get pissed and have a boogie, and stuff you should check out.

From myself and everyone involved so far we hope your hearts are a little lighter after visiting Lemonade.

Josie x